VAFB Silo Launch Test Facility (SLTF)


Also Known As: n/a


  • Titan I
  • Titan II

Other Programs: None

Cost: Not available

SLTF Highlights

  • Single silo
  • 22 July 1959 – Approved for construction of 18 months
  • Silo was heavily instrumented to monitor the heat and vibration of the launch environment
  • Launch Control Center was going to be 75 feet from the silo, but with following the OSTF explosion on 3 December 1960, it was relocated 1,200 feet away.
  • Design included the major features of an operational silo, except no propellant transfer system and operational configuration silo closure door.
  • The site was built to check a missile firing from a silo with the Titan II in mind. The silo was 145 feet deep, utilized a W-shaped flame deflector for the increased thrust of the Titan II. The Titan II was a few years away so they used a Titan I for the test.
  • 16 October 1960 – First stage of Titan I, VS-1, was placed in the silo
  • 7 March 1961 – Successful captive firing in the silo of VS-1 first stage
  • VS-1 was a Titan I with a dummy second stage filled with water and topped by an inert re-entry vehicle
  • It was recommended that the silo be modified to launch Titan II, but was rejected
  • Site was converted to a Titan II operations and maintenance missile trainer
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