VAFB Space Launch Complex 8


Also Known As: SLC-8, California Commercial Spaceport


  • Minotaur I
  • Minotaur IV Lite

Other Programs:

  • Mightysat
  • National Reconnaissance Office Launch (NROL)
  • Space Based Space Surveillance (SBSS)
  • Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV)

Cost: Not stated

Space Launch Complex 8 Highlights

  • Single launch pad
  • Southernmost complex at Vandenberg AFB
  • Integrated Processing Facility (IPF) on SLC-6 is used as the Launch Control Room
  • Pad has an 88 foot tall gantry and a Minotaur launch ring
  • 26 January 2000 – First launch, Minotaur I
  • 22 April 2010 – First launch, Minotaur IV Lite
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