Location: Alaska

Also Known As: Ladd Army Air Field, Ladd AAF, Fort Wainwright

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National Register of Historic Places: Designated National Historic Landmark #85002730 on 4 February 1985 by the National Park Service.


Ladd Field, just east of Fairbanks, Alaska was built originally as a place to test cold weather effects on personnel and equipment. It was named in honor of Major Arthur K. Ladd who was killed in an aircraft accident in South Carolina in 1935.


  • U.S. copy of German V-1 were slightly heavier and had more wing area
  • Also known as: “Jet-Bomb-2” by U.S. Army; “Loon” by U.S. Navy
  • JB-2 flight tests and cold weather engine tests were performed
  • Cold weather testing later moved to specially designed hangar at Eglin Air Force Base
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