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We are passionate about preserving and sharing the Space Force's history with space and missile launches.

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The museum’s Research Library is maintained as a repository of technical and historical information to aid the staff and volunteers in the design and creation of exhibits, artifact restoration, and historical research. Research assistance is also provided to government organizations, academic institutions, DOD contractors, and professional historians.

Due to staffing limitations, the museum library is closed to the general public. If you have a question regarding Patrick Space Force Base or Cape Canaveral Space Force Station history, please contact the Space Launch Delta 45 History Office at 321-494-2710. You may also contact the Research Division of the National Museum of the United States Air Force for assistance with your historical research or informational requests.

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The mission of the Cape Canaveral Space Force Museum Research Library is to support the Museum in collecting, preserving, and restoring items of historical significance which directly relate to U.S. Space Force space launch activities, missile development, flight testing, and Cape Canaveral history.

In pursuit of this endeavor, the Library appraises, arranges, and provides description for historically relevant records of various media to include photographs, negatives, blueprints, schematics, reports, directories, charts, posters, pamphlets, brochures, newspapers, magazines, and other such documentation. Such records are obtained from both public and private sources and all methods of arrangement, conservation, and restoration are applied in accordance with accepted archival principles.


Housed within the museum’s Research Library are collections of historical photographs, documents, blueprints, maps, films, and videos. These archival collections contain items that document the history of the Cape Canaveral Space Force Museum, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, and various U.S. Air Force and NASA launch vehicles, missiles, and rockets.

Like the library itself, however, these archives and special collections are currently maintained exclusively for the use of the museum staff and volunteers and are currently unavailable to the general public.

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