Launch Complex 19 White Room


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The Launch Complex 19 White Room is the top enclosed section of the erector as seen in the photograph to the right with the Gemini-Titan launch vehicle on the pad. The white room was an environmentally controlled space in which the Gemini spacecraft was processed.

Rather than move on tracks away from the pad, Titan I and Titan II erectors rested in a horizontal position. The missile was rolled through an open door at the top of the white room along tracks into the length of the resting erector. The erector was then raised to the vertical position so that the Titan could be fixed to the launching base. While vertical, the erector also provided work platforms completely surrounding the launch vehicle. Prior to launch, the erector was lowered to its horizontal resting position.

Gemini Capsule

Upon arrival of the payload, the Gemini spacecraft was hoisted from ground level to the top of the white room by way of the structure protruding from the top of the white room rollup door.

True to its name, the white room is painted white on the inside. Processing of the critical Gemini capsule payload took place in this area and special measures were taken to keep all dust and debris from interfering with the spacecraft’s operation.

The Launch Complex 19 white room was restored and moved to the Museum grounds in September 2003.

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