Titan Locomotive


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Type: Diesel-Electric Switching Locomotive
Designation: SW-8
Agency: U.S. Air Force
Contractor: General Motors, Electro Motive Division
Cape Canaveral Space Force Station Operations: supported 82 Titan launches 1965-2005


Locomotive number 2021 is on display in the Museum rocket garden. The display includes actual trackage from the Integrate Transfer Launch (ITL) area upon which the locomotive once transported Titan rockets to the launch pad. A complete set of documentation and historical records was transferred to the museum research library along with the locomotive.

After completion of the last Titan launch, the locomotive was serviced for display and restored by the Kennedy Space Center Locomotive shop and moved back to the Titan ITL area. From the ITL area, the locomotive was lifted onto the back of a special transporter and moved by road to the Air Force Space and Missile Museum, a road distance of about 5 miles.

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