Launch Complex 43



  • Hopi Dart
  • Nike Javelin
  • Nike Cajun
  • Nike Apache
  • Nike Tomahawk
  • Nike Smoke
  • Nike Viper
  • Cajun Dart
  • Loki
  • Super Loki
  • Judi-Dart
  • Arcas
  • Hugo

Other Programs

  • None

Cost: Not available

Launch Complex 43 Highlights

  • There were five pads: 43A, 43B, 43C, 43D and 43E. Pads A, B and C were together and pads D and E were separated and south of Pads A, B and C
  • Over 4,680 small weather/sounding rockets were launched between 1962-1984 from this complex, mainly Loki, Arcas and Judi-Dart
  • Pad A, B and C launched Arcas, Loki, Super Loki missile boosters
  • Later Pad C launched Nike and Cajun
  • Pad D launched 6 Nike Cajun in early 1963 in support of Project TRUMP (Target Radiation Measurement Program) for atmospheric measurements; ultraviolet radiation experiment
  • NASA launched over 100 Nike Smoke rockets to trace upper atmosphere wind patterns in the mid 1960’s
  • 6 Nike Tomahawk were launched in January 1967, MUMP (Marshall University of Michigan Probes) project to study upper atmospheric conditions
  • In 1984, weather rocket operations moved to Launch Complex 47 to make room for the construction of Launch Complex 46.
  • The Launch Control Facility was destroyed when Launch Complex 46 was built

NOTE: Other sounding rockets were launched from the Cape between 1959 and 1961. Sites for these launchings were near the Lighthouse and Hangar C

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