There are a many historical markers and sites on Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Some markers recognize significant historical events while others honor the efforts of persons or organizations. Some are in very prominent places; others off the beaten path.

Each site has a story behind it. Instead of allowing the person or event to fade into obscurity, the museum will try to locate and tell the story of each one. Check back periodically as this list will undoubtedly grow.

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station Historic Sites:

Old Pioneer Cemetery

  • Family cemeteries and Indian burial mounds
  • Historical monument and plaques

Phillips Parkway

  • Sign and plaque

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

  • Florida Heritage Site
  • Brevard County Historic Site
  • Historical monument and plaques
  • The Lighthouse That Never Fails

Original Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Site

  • Historical monument and plaque

Bourne Picnic Pavilion

  • Sign and recreation area

Mercury Control Center

  • Florida Heritage Site

Morrell Operations Center (MOC)

  • Plaque and display
  • Current hub of activity for the 45th Space Wing during space launches and related base operations

Sea Launches on the Eastern Range

  • Sail from submarine USS Nathaniel Greene at Navy Port

Launch Complex 5/6

  • Alan B. Shepard mission plaque
  • Alan B. Shepard mission sign

Launch Complex 17

  • Troy D. Bass memorial

Launch Complex 14

  • Mercury 7 monument and time capsule
  • Mercury manned mission scoreboard
  • John H. Glenn Jr. mission plaque
  • Astronaut rescue crew memorial
  • Thomas J. O’Malley memorial (O’Malley’s Guiding Light)
  • Astronaut and Launch Director parking spaces at pad gatehouse
  • Welcome to Complex 14 sign at pad gatehouse
  • Mercury orbital mission launch pad monument
  • Launch Complex 14 information kiosk
  • Blockhouse launch scoreboard
  • Blockhouse viewing stand dedication

Launch Complex 19

  • Gemini manned mission scoreboard

USAF Space and Missile Museum

Launch Complex 26 (Air Force Space and Missile Museum)

Launch Complexes 31-32

  • Remains of space shuttle Challenger

Launch Complex 34

  • Launch Complex 34 memorial plaque
  • Apollo 1 memorial plaque
  • Apollo 1 astronaut bench alcove
  • Launch Complex 34 information kiosk